Auxiliary Machines

Softgel Specialists

USPE provides a variety of full service machinery to help you enhance production and maximum your softgel production.

Automatic Tumbler Washer (ATW)

USPE’s innovative automatic tumbler washer (ATW) simplifies the washing of any tumbler dryer. Designed to remove all human contact in cleaning tumbler dryers after production runs.

Capsule Sorting Machine (KSMx)

Soft capsule sorting machine (KSMx) is suitable for sorting round, oblong, oval, or tubular shaped softgels or capsules.

Gel Melter

Gelatin melting and mixing tanks are made from food grade stainless steel.

Tumbler Dryer (TDx)

USPE Tumble Dryers (TDx) have a compact design for a smaller footprint and have been designed to provide fast and easy drying of a softgel capsule, stability of machine operation, user convenience, and safety.

Softgel Pulverizer

USPE Softgel Pulverizer recoups valuable fill material from unsatisfactory softgels.

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