Die Roll Tooling Set

Softgel Specialists

4 Inch softgel tooling

    The proper tooling ensures the proper sealing of two softgel halves. If you have sub-par tooling, it is difficult to create a cosmetically beautiful softgel. Not only are the looks impacted, but the quantity of medication can be misappropriated as well.

    USPE prides itself in the quality and turn-around time for our aircraft grade aluminum toolings. After drawing confirmations, we only need TWO WEEKS for turnaround time; the fastest in the industry.

   We can design, 4 inch, 10 inch, or even 12 inch die roll lengths to fit your needs. State-of-the-art double or triple step designs available for the best results.

Each set includes:
-2 die rolls with stainless steel inserts
-Teflon ceramic coated aluminum wedge
-Solid Teflon distribution plate
-Industrial, reusable, sturdy storage case
-Finely tuned timing gear

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