V3 Softgel Machine

Softgel Specialists

    USPE’s V3 Softgel Machine is a new generation of soft gelatin encapsulation machine. The machine integrates the latest global encapsulation technology and our geletan encapsulation experience. The machine features advanced technology and reliable performance providing maximum efficiency. Capable of both vegetable formulations and gelatin formulations.

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General Specifications

Model: V3
Die Roll Size: 150x250mm
Die Roll Speed: 0~5rpm
Max Plunger Volume per Stroke: 0~2ml
Plunger #: 20 / 24
Dimensions: 2050 x 1200 x 1850 mm
Weight: 1900 kg
Power Consumption: 13.5 kW
Control Mode: PLC Touchscreen
Output: #8 Oval – 115,440 pieces/hr

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